For Patients

Need Project Access Services?

Project Access works by a direct referral process, meaning you will need a referral sent to us from a participating provider.

How do I qualify?

  • No access to affordable health insurance
  • Be between the ages of 19 and 64
  • Resident of Washington, Carter, Unicoi, or Johnson County
  • Income is at or below 225% of the Federal Poverty Level
FPL 2020

What is the process?

  • Step 1: Ask your provider if they participate with Project Access. If they don’t, but are interested, please have them call us at 423.232.6700.
  • Step 2: The provider will send a referral addressing your specific needs.
  • Step 3: You will receive an introduction letter from our referral specialist.
  • Step 4: You will call Project Access and participate in a screening call and schedule an appointment with a Care Manager.
  • Step 5: Attend your enrollment appointment. At your enrollment appointment you will discuss your medical and social needs, the program requirements, and next steps.
  • Step 6: Once all household documents are provided, enrollment is determined.
  • Step 7: All referrals received will be case reviewed.
  • Step 8: You will be notified of all diagnostic and specialist appointments as they are scheduled.
  • Step 9: You will complete the re-enrollment process every 6 months to determine if Project Access services are still needed.

What documents do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please bring all of the below documents that apply to everyone in your household (those who are sharing or providing resources):

  • Last filed tax return and W-2s OR a statement of non-filing which can be found here
  • 6 most recent bank statements for checking, savings, retirement, savings, or bond accounts
  • 3 most current paystubs for everyone working in the home.
  • Social Security/Disability letters stating the monthly amount received.
  • Unemployment benefits statement
  • Military Allotments
  • Strike benefits
  • Vehicle registrations for all vehicles owned including auto, motorcycle, boat or RVs
  • Public assistance letters (including WIC, utility assistance, housing assistance, etc)
  • Food Stamp/SNAP benefits letter
  • Copy of COBRA insurance offer or employer health plan
  • All monthly bills that you are paying even if they are in another person’s name. We require the most current statement of the following if applicable:
    • Rent/Mortgage
    • Water
    • Electric
    • Gas/propane/kerosene
    • Food
    • Telephone
    • Internet
    • Cable/Satellite
    • Child Care
    • Child Support/Alimony
    • Car Payments
    • Auto Insurance
    • Home/Renters Insurance
    • Medical Bills
    • Property Taxes
    • Credit Cards
    • Loans

Please bring the following as it applies to you individually:

  • Picture ID
  • List of all medications

For further information, please call our office at 423.232.6700.