For Providers

Project Access takes its responsibility to our providers and patients seriously and demonstrates it accordingly. Are you considering participating with Project Access? We would love to have you. Already participate? We appreciate you so much.  We know how valuable and vital our providers are and we commit to meet these core needs:

  • Project Access has Customized Participation Plans that are sensitive to office preferences and are fluid to meet every circumstance. This way providers have control over how much they are willing to donate.
  • Project Access ensures Capped Commitment Levels which eliminate the need for anyone to “call in favors.”
  • Project Access will never overextend a resource with Automated Resource Rotation through our software program which protects an individual provider or entire practice from contributing more than a fair share.
  • Project Access utilizes a Financial Screening, which is recognized as comprehensively superior to other screening programs. ONLY patients who lack the ability to pay are approved for enrollment.
  • Project Access provides Access to diagnostics, labs, surgeries, and specialty consultants required for successful treatment plans.
  • Project Access allows Time Savings for your office staff by streamlining the scheduling of all diagnostics and initial specialty care appointments.
  • Project Access amplifies Cost Savings for billing and collections processes which will prove unrecoverable.
  • Project Access delivers Fully Informed Treatment Plans made possible through ongoing communication and record sharing with involved providers.
  • Project Access develops Comprehensive Treatment Plans that are centered around a required relationship with a primary care provider.
  • Project Access reinforces Respectful Encounters with appointment reminders, patient education, healthcare navigation, behavioral expectations, and disciplinary consequences.

Our providers also enjoy the protection of Senate Bill 1907 or Title 63, Chapter 6, Part 7 of the Tennessee Code Annotated, allowing that health care providers are released from civil liability when rendering voluntary provision of health care services. This lets you donate with peace of mind. We would love to schedule a presentation time and work with you to create a process that meets the needs of your individual office.

For More Information or Questions about Participating in Our Program Please call 423.232.6700.